People are interesting

I watch them as they go by

Call me a voyeur?

Why should I lie

Streets are teamed with people

So interesting are they

Father and his wife

Lovely and fray

Shopping with their baskets

Full to the brim

People shuffling around

With no space to give

I like city life

So many people to see

Almost like jenga blocks

Except much more free

Life~ Live!
Sunday Morning and I don’t ever want to leave!
Thursdays good to. To Live Life you’ve got to experience it.
If the suns beaming down on you then you’ve got to feel it.
If the rains touching your lips then you’ve got to taste it.
If loves not coming your way then you’ve got to make it.
Don’t be down just because life is not going your way, enjoy the way the it’s going.

And beyond all…