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Seren–Ode To Friendship

Friends suck, because when you have them you feel like you are on cloud nine and when you don’t, you feel worth, less.It’s not like having family, where your joys are their joys and your sadness is their sadness. No, friends may be happy for you when you are happy and sad for you when you are sad but  their reactions to your feelings are fleeting. Your existence doesn’t really effect them.

Among family you feel safe, loved, secure, even when times are bad.With friends, you never really know how much they care and never know when it all will end. Their love is not unconditional nor is it even guaranteed. Their worlds will always be more important than yours regardless of how you feel, about them.

And the only time you truly understand how valuable  friendship is, is when it’s gone. When all the people who have been writing and calling and texting, stop, and you are left with no one. Then you really see how valuable friendship can be.

Friendships suck. It sucks to place your value in the hands of others hoping that someday they will see you the way you do.




That’s probably why we are all searching for something more important than friendship, be it lovers or family.


Seren- Ode To The Asylum

The sanest people I’ve ever known are the ones I met in the insane asylum

Their genuineness is without compare, and their sanity is theirs to bear

They don’t have pretenses or false doubts

Because their whole of them has been figured out

They have been down to the deepest, darkest of their soul and laugh

Because they realize that it is all an act

They don’t hide behind their shame because they are not ashamed

Because to be there means everyone knows your game

Without false illusions or unbridled dreams

Their life is theirs to make it by simply pulling at the seams

They tried to give up and realized they could not

And now their troubles don’t seem to be a lot

Once you’ve experienced madness and live to tell the tale

Life is yours and you are no longer underneath it’s spell

Seren–On The Other Side

I want to be on the other side of this with you.

Every time I have some issue with you it takes me forever to get over it.

But eventually I do.

I feel frustrated, I scream, I kick, I punch,

But somehow I end up on the other side.

Not longing you, not wanting you, not wanting it all to end

I am, ok.

I just want to be on the other side of this with you.

Seren–In This Body

What is it to want to be accepted by this world. To be taken in by some place so strange and unfamiliar. To be around people so wholly dissimilar to ones self in the vague hope that they may understand you. To appreciate the beauty of the world that has been provided without completely comprehending the implications of it.  Are we to be happy, sad, laborious, free?

There is so much more to this life that we long for that we cling to with such insistence.

To understand that your destiny awaits in a world entirely unlike your own yet so similar in a way that there are people  you know you have met before in your home.

To want what you can’t have, to be apart from who you really are and to know that your true self, your true longing, lies right beneath the surface. Somehow I have asked for this, somehow I wanted this, and now somehow I must be content.

Till tomorrow with more thoughts.

Seren-A Letter For My Friends

Who says we have to be anything.

Who says we have to be amazing beyond belief on a time table.

Who says we have to be married by 30 and have kids by 31.

Who put a clock on any of this.

What makes being a doctor, married, and pregnant so much better than single, childless and carefree.

Who says putting constraints on our success is the right way.

Who says you can’t wait till your 40 to find your Ah Ha moment.

And who says that moment can’t be the moment you realize that the world is round and infinitely beautiful.

Who says mansions are are more lovely than trailers, who says that solitude cannot bring infinite peace.

I’m tired of conforming to what everyone else wants because, when has that ever brought me happiness?

I no longer invite criticism, I no longer invite critique because I am happy.

I have done so much and yet still have more to do and I am happy.

I don’t have a steady job, children or prospects for unimaginable wealth.

But I have love,

Love for myself,

Love for my dreams that are not yet reality which makes them even more suspenseful.

I am amazing.

Seren–Beauty With The Pain

I’m not used to being happy for extended periods of time.

It scares me.

I look for the darkness behind the light, and I crave the light when the darkness saturates.

Maybe I should embrace my destiny knowing that the light is more bright after the dark,

And my destiny is a mixture of both.

Maybe sadness should not overwhelm me but be a cause for contemplation.

Maybe I should realize that the pain and salt of life cleanses as it burns.

But how can I accept this,

How can I accept the beauty with the pain.

Seren–Take This Moment

Life is the chore you take, always waiting for your coffee break

Life is the drug you chug even after every heart ache

Life is the pain you feel when hope doesn’t seem real

Life is the tender you surrender when taking that last pill

Life is the escape you find when you release the ties that bind

Life is the rush you hush every time you decide to be kind

Life is the moment you realize that nothing else matters

That moment is now so take it and be free


Seren-Seasons Change

The days are long and the days are short.

Seasons change all around us as we walk about, oblivious to their effects.

The heat makes us long for the cold, and the cold makes us long for the warmth that  the summer time brings.

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder and so are the seasons.

Winter can make someone dream of the snow and the taste of icicles  against their mouth.

Summer can make someone yearn for the sun, delighted to bask in the glow of it all day and all  night.

Summer doesn’t have to be a heated seas pool of agony and torment.

And winter doesn’t have to be a vain hope for a warm day that will never come.

Take the seasons in strides.

Each one holds it’s own unique wonder.

Seren- Know Me

If you want to know me, I will show you who I am.

I will show you all my bumps and bruises.

You can pick away at my scars

Turn me over ,examine my ways

Every scratch will tell you a story

Ever ripple will higlight my happiness and pain

Each dark shade will express my love

And every curve  is like a puzzle that outlines my strengths

Every burn will demonstrate my tenacity

And every muscle will  detail my fortitude

The color of my heart  is a deep red

And my  blood, sweat, and tears taste like the salt and sugar of my life


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