Letter To my friends
I love my friends always
Whether or not you know
My heart is open
Not a show
I will buy you flowers
But not say goodnight
Truth is, thats just me
But I won’t be contrite

       Love me long time
Love me longs days
Maybe tomorrow 
Maybe some way


Letter To You

It’s ok that your dead. The last 50 years we spent together are some of the most poignant of my life. I can feel the energy running through my feet just like I can I feel your love raining down my veins. Your smile, you caress, your air…..it is as if the skies pour smiles upon my day. Don’t give up I am still here waiting for the day  when I will see you. You can’t feel me now, but one day we will hold each other again in a land so wonderful that water will freeze in mid-air as our breath mingles in the light of a life that is perfect after death.

Thank You 


Letter to the One You Love

  Not that I don’t love you. Not that you don’t mean the world to me…. I just can’t be with you.

I  can’t devote my whole life to loving you and watching you love yourself.

You are amazing.. I am amazing.

I am just as special and important in this world as you are.

I am pretty cool. You should know that. You should get that. You should want that.

You do want that.

Its just to  bad you don’t see it.

You will, and I won’t want you then. Part of me, of course, always will because, well, part of you is kind of part of me.

But I will be content in my existence when that day comes and I won’t need you.

I love you always and want nothing more for you then for you to be happy.

I. love