The darkness it surrounds me.

It bathes me in its shadow of warmth.

The light that does not emanate knocks at my door.

Rap Rap rap it goes.

As if there is someone inside who wants to answer.

It bids me come out and allow myself to be taken over.

But my heart belongs here.

In the loving embrace of the dark.

In the embrace of the blackness that consumes my soul and burns the endless flames of my desires

Hell hath no rath like the urges of the dark

As it burns down my legs and singes up  my arms

Carresing my breast as it yearns for my lips

Hoping, to turn them as dark as coal with one, final, kiss.

Oh what i wish you would do, what i wish you could do, if I was truly yours

If only the light would let me stay but a moment longer.

I would be wrapped in your cavernous beauty,