What is it to want to be accepted by this world. To be taken in by some place so strange and unfamiliar. To be around people so wholly dissimilar to ones self in the vague hope that they may understand you. To appreciate the beauty of the world that has been provided without completely comprehending the implications of it.  Are we to be happy, sad, laborious, free?

There is so much more to this life that we long for that we cling to with such insistence.

To understand that your destiny awaits in a world entirely unlike your own yet so similar in a way that there are people  you know you have met before in your home.

To want what you can’t have, to be apart from who you really are and to know that your true self, your true longing, lies right beneath the surface. Somehow I have asked for this, somehow I wanted this, and now somehow I must be content.

Till tomorrow with more thoughts.