Who says we have to be anything.

Who says we have to be amazing beyond belief on a time table.

Who says we have to be married by 30 and have kids by 31.

Who put a clock on any of this.

What makes being a doctor, married, and pregnant so much better than single, childless and carefree.

Who says putting constraints on our success is the right way.

Who says you can’t wait till your 40 to find your Ah Ha moment.

And who says that moment can’t be the moment you realize that the world is round and infinitely beautiful.

Who says mansions are are more lovely than trailers, who says that solitude cannot bring infinite peace.

I’m tired of conforming to what everyone else wants because, when has that ever brought me happiness?

I no longer invite criticism, I no longer invite critique because I am happy.

I have done so much and yet still have more to do and I am happy.

I don’t have a steady job, children or prospects for unimaginable wealth.

But I have love,

Love for myself,

Love for my dreams that are not yet reality which makes them even more suspenseful.

I am amazing.