Today I went back home. It smelled of apricots and strawberries. I could tell my mom was working in the kitchen even though I couldn’t see her. The sweet smell of julep and mint saturated my nostrils as I entered the living room and saw my father enjoying himself in the front of the fire, like nothing ever happened.

I could hear my sister yelling at her boyfriend in the other room about something he did not do. The strength to climb the steps was to much for me today so I just stayed at the bottom looking up at the ceiling wondering. Today was the last day of the last year of the horrific event.

The event that shattered my life in a million pieces, but as I look around it is as if nothing ever happened. G-d has pulled me through some miraculous things and I am still here. Still breathing , drinking a mint julep while eating delicious apricots as I stare at the sky which looks a lot like my ceiling. I am so blessed.

©Rahkhel Ihej