Some days are more beautiful than others. That’s what they used to tell me. But lately I believe that each day holds it’s own kind of magical wonder. Yesterday the snow danced on my tongue and today the sun shines, warming my skin. Everything is perfect because of imperfections.

The snow that is cold gives way to the sun that is warm and the sun that is hot gives way to the wind that is cool. And so the beauty of the world goes. To appreciate one thing you have to experience another’s opposite.

Maybe the world isn’t plain. The snail with a cracked shell is a marvel to behold because it’s shell is cracked not in spite of it. We struggle to achieve what we cannot dream and suffer to realize an impossible that may not exist.

Maybe the purpose of life is not to reach one’s goal but to experience all the moments leading up to it.  For would you not be happier  taking 20 years to become a millionaire and then dying a few years after or dying a few years after becoming a millionaire in 1 day. The purpose of life is our experiences and that is why we want to live.