It’s been a while now, no word from me.

Life has been taking me by surprise and I’ve been reveling in it.

Sorry to those who I’ve neglected but times are different and so am I.

I have spent to many nights asleep and to many days awake.

It’s time the people saw my true beauty and essence of who I am.

Here it goes. I am beautiful beyond compare and gifted beyond imagine, but that is because of my heart, and my soul, not my looks and books.

Talented I am, Beautiful I am, Gifted and Special and Loving I am, and for the first time I am showing it to the world because I accept it.

No more self-deprecating thoughts, no more unbridled skepticism, just love and peace because this is who I accept myself to be.

The way is what I make it, no more fear or disappointment, only lessons and truths.

Forgive me for I will not be forgiven for who I am.