Words are strong and true, especially when you speak them to

A Friend

A Lover

An Enemy

A Stranger

Yesterday I told a man that I liked his tie. He stared at me with such bewilderment, like he had no idea why a stranger would ever pay him a compliment. The next day, I saw that same man was crossing the street to hail a cab. As he was about to step into the cab, a big rig came barreling down the street. If it had not been for the cab driver who managed to  push him out of the way, almost sacrificing his own life, that man would have never again seen the light of day.

Five months later, that man was faced with life altering decision. He could either go with choice A or choice B. He went with choice B.

That man was the CEO of one of the largest development companies in the United States and choice A was to  buy out and knock down two low income apartment buildings that catered to survivors of domestic abuse, and build luxury condominiums that would generate over 10 million dollars of revenue for him and his company. Choice B was not to.

Oh, Be Careful Little Lips What You Say