Remember when your mother told you not to go around kissing boys willy nilly, only kiss the ones that you really like? Well, she may have had a point.

I’m young, but I still have enough experience to reminisce , and now when I look back on my life, I shake my head.I causally sauntered into the grocery store today thinking that I looked cool with my new black shoes and fancy leather jacket. I picked up my favorite bag of chips and a coke and made my way to the check out counter.

Before I could reach the counter I saw Jimmy Michaelson, my high school nemesis, walking down the aisle, beer in one arm and a woman in the other. I could have died. Not because I was mad to see him with another woman, but because  I could not believe that I made out with him in his mom’s hall closet my freshman year of high school.

Remembering the smell of his nasty pizza breath and feel of his greasy hair as he gripped me in that moldy closet was enough to make me almost upchuck all over the cold linoleum store floor.

Stupid is as stupid does and at that moment I felt very, very stupid.

Moral of the story?

Listen to your mom