“Don’t dislike what life has given you Seren. Be happy in acceptance. Accept those who hurt you, comfort those who need you, love those who do not. It is easy to love the people you like, but with that love comes expectations. You expect them to love you back, to be there for you, to keep your secrets, to revel in your stories. But what happens when that doesn’t happen? It is easier to be kind to the people you don’t like because you expect nothing from them.   And if in the end they give you nothing, then you have lost nothing. If the same people show you even one ounce of kindness, grace, or gratitude, your entire day is brighter. Don’t love to hard Seren. Don’t be still for a moment in the peace of someone else’s existence, for how very quickly it can change. Be happy that you are alive , and then realize that everything from that point on is a gift.”