The other night someone told me I should stop acting like such a boy. Boy!? I am a girl. 


Seren is a name my mother gave me when I came out of her womb.

She thought it sounded beautiful and dignified, it really doesnt matter that she was doped up on painkillers at the time of my birth.

No, Seren is what she named me and ever since that day, everybody has been saying it over and over again. 

“Seren, come here.”  “Seren, don’t be reckless” “Seren, don’t ride bikes.”  ” Seren, don’t eat and drink at the same time.” “Seren, don’t be…”    Don’t be?

Yes I actually had someone say that to me once. They ran out of so many things to add to Seren don’t, that they just said ” Don’t be.”

I am glad I am so polarizing.

My mother always said, since the day of my birth, “Seren, people are either going to love you or hate you and they won’t know why. That is just what you bring out in people. Don’t hate it, just..accept it.” 

Oh, I’ve been accepting it ever since my teacher in 6th grade Mrs. McMullihan told me to stand in front the class with my nose to wall for 1 hour because she did not like the way I chewed gum.

Oh, yes I’ve been accepting it.

But oh well, one day I won’t have to accept it . Somebody will come up to me and say ” Seren” and I will say “What!” and that will be the day I don’t take anymore bull from anybody. And the world will know my name,  Ser..


©Rahkhel Ihej